About Shirley

Shirley1The first thing people often notice about Shirley is her smile which she says reflects her joy since coming to know God intimately, and especially when sensing His Presence.

Shirley, an inspirational speaker and author, was raised in the tiny town of East Palmyra, NY surrounded by many of her extended Dutch family and church friends. As a child and teenager, Shirley was very shy and even as an adult couldn’t get beyond her fear of public speaking.

Then crushing challenges of many kinds put Shirley on her knees where she could hear God more clearly. Now she not only knows Him better, but loves Him more, and has found courage to obey God’s directions – even when she doesn’t understand or know how! And miracle of miracles, she now enjoys sharing her faith with any size group! No one is more surprised than Shirley over how God has taken this little East Pal Gal to places she never dreamed of being.

Shirley and her husband, Stefan, live on Cape Cod where she has served through a local church for 20 years; chairing major fund raising campaigns, founding and directing both Caring Ministries and wHispers, an ecumenical ministry for women.

Shirley is an inspirational speaker and a free-lance writer whose writings have appeared in several publications, including Leadership Journal.

An excerpt of “Financing by Faith,” is available in the Christianity Today library. If you would like a copy of the complete article, please contact Shirley.

In their spare time, Shirley and Stefan enjoy visiting their six children and fifteen grandchildren who live throughout the USA.