Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger, Author, Editor, Professor

“Shirley Vogel’s story is that of a spiritual pilgrimage. In her ability to find God’s work in the smallest things, her book is reminiscent of Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God. There are many mileposts along the way, some related to tragedy and crisis, some to victory and empowerment. At each point she shares her reflections and opportunities for her own personal growth. Through it all, Shirley’s radiant personality and faith shine through.”

Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger, former professor and former faculty member, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, author and/or editor of eight books, including the IVP Women’s Bible Commentary, and former President of Peace and Safety in the Christian Home.

Doris Mantz, Praise and Worship Leader and Composer of Christian Songs

“Shirley Vogel is a truly gifted speaker who exemplifies and models for others what it means to live a life that is fully devoted and yielded to God. In addition to her ability to communicate clearly, what perhaps qualifies her most as a speaker and writer is her gift of vulnerability, as well as the clear evidence in her life of the extraordinary power of God at work in her, an “ordinary” person. Her message enables all listeners, both seasoned Christians and “seekers” alike, to see God’s ‘fingerprints’ all over her life circumstances as well as their own. Her example inspires others to also want to be used of God as the vessel through which impossibilities are turned into possibilities. God has used her incredible life’s journey and testimony to impart healing, hope, and courage to her audiences.

“Shirley has “earned” the right to be heard by having lived and mastered firsthand, difficult life lessons in her own personal fiery times of testing. God uses her to speak words that both calm and challenge, comfort and inspire, words that resonate to the deepest places of hurting souls everywhere. What she shares is compelling, personal, authentic, refreshing and “real”. Her love of God and of people emanates from within, radiates out, and clearly undergirds all she says and all she is. Her keen insights and God-given wisdom echo to all areas of the heart, leaving no place untouched by God’s love and grace. Through her loving, gentle, transparent, and honest approach, God uses her mightily to speak words that become rivers of life to the broken places of the fragile human heart.”

Doris Mantz, Praise and Worship Leader and Composer of Christian songs
Avery Street Christian Reformed Church
S. Windsor, Connecticut
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Rev. Dr. Douglas Scalise, Lead Pastor

Shirley and I first met thirteen years ago in 1995 when I was a candidate to be the next pastor at Brewster Baptist Church, and she the Chairperson of the Pastoral Search Committee. Shirley led that effort with the diligence, skill, and prayer that have marked all her efforts at the church ever since.

In my years as Senior Pastor of Brewster Baptist Church, Shirley has served as a faithful and dedicated leader at Brewster Baptist Church for many years. She has held several key leadership positions including serving as a Deacon and Chair of the Capital Campaign Fund Raising Team when the church undertook a significant expansion and raised over $2,400,000 without the help of a professional fundraising firm.

As our church grew, Shirley founded and directed Caring Ministries with a host of helping ministries to meet the needs of all kinds of people. Most recently, Shirley felt led to reach out to women with a ministry that addressed their spiritual and relational needs for growth and support. She inspired other women to be involved in ministry serving Jesus, the church, and one another.

I recommend Shirley as a speaker for women’s groups who are looking to engage their members in a deeper relationship with Jesus and greater involvement in their church. Her message is also one of hope and encouragement for hurting women who can always identify with some part of her testimony.
In every ministry that she leads, Shirley always proceeds prayerfully, plans thoroughly, and does things with excellence. She has touched a lot of lives through the years. It has been a pleasure for me to serve with her at BBC and to see her own growth in faith and leadership as she has responded obediently to the Lord’s leading in her life.

She also makes the best chocolate, pecan, caramel brittle you’ve ever tasted!

Rev. Dr. Douglas Scalise, Senior Pastor
Brewster Baptist Church
Brewster, Massachusetts