The Blessings of a Fragile Heart (personal testimony, one to two hours divided into segments to fit your schedule. My favorite for retreats.)

God can use our most fearful, challenging and painful experiences to transform us into individuals who can accomplish His unique plans for each of our lives. Shirley considers her fragile heart moments to be the most precious times of her life because they prove that we can do anything God asks – if we trust Him for direction, strength and empowerment. More important, they draw us closer to the Lord.

Because Shirley has had to face up to a great variety of issues, women can always relate to her poignant and inspiring testimony. After speaking to women’s groups, the most frequent comment Shirley hears, is “Thank you, I’m so encouraged and now I can go on.”

The Wonder of God’s Love (more info to come)  🙂

“Praise be to the LORD for he showed me the wonders of his love…” Psalm 31:21 (NIV)

Putting Faith to Work

How do we survive when our marriage falls apart, or we suddenly face a serious illness or death? Where do we see God in these crises, and others that deeply impact our lives and those of our loved ones? And what do we do when other Christians unfairly attack us or our ministry?

Is faith enough? Can we experience the contentment of the apostle Paul? Shirley has coped with deep disappointment, loss and pain, and in the process she’s learned that God is greater than any situation we can ever face. In the midst of fear and despair, God can put joy in our hearts and a smile on our face!

When God Asks What Seems Impossible

Be careful what you pray! When Shirley said, “Father, I give you me for whatever,” she found that God was listening. Using her greatest fear, God transformed Shirley from an adult who couldn’t find courage to teach a Bible story to five year olds, to a gal whose greatest passion now is to make a difference for Him in the lives of women through public speaking!

Shirley’s story about God’s whatevers will challenge anyone who is being asked by God to do something for which they feel inadequate. The whatevers that continue are always something for which Shirley has had no training or experience, and each one stretches her faith further.

You will be inspired by Shirley’s stories about trusting God when His directions make no sense, trusting God to do what we believe He has promised, and what to do when God asks us to give back to Him a thriving ministry.